Re-defining climate leadership

One person that has not escaped the public eye during, before, and after the COP24 has been Greta Thunberg. The 15-year-old Swedish climate activist has popularised the notion of “school strike for climate” and has been sitting on the Swedish parliamentary steps every Friday. She’s just done a TED talk on her thoughts on what… Continue reading Re-defining climate leadership

And then there were COP24 outcomes (kind of).

The Paris Agreement was and remains a milestone agreement in climate change policy. Never before have countries spoken in so united voice about what their aspirations are for climate change outcomes, what kinds of commitments they aspired to, and how we can address climate change at a global scale. Yet, strangely these last two weeks… Continue reading And then there were COP24 outcomes (kind of).

Finding direction at the COP24

This week the countries have tried to find a shared direction on a number of issues, including how to agree on the "Paris Rulebook" (more about that here). Yesterday night the countries finally came together to make decisions based on the discussions and meetings during the week. The two big ticket items have been the… Continue reading Finding direction at the COP24