My past and current research draws inspiration from a wide variety of topics with a solid focus on climate adaptation. I focus my publications on issues that can provide new insights into climate adaptation, what role adaptation science plays in decision-making, and how our assumptions influence the kinds of angles that we pursue even in how we conduct research.

I strongly believe that two brains are better than one. I have first hand experience how debate accelerates ideas and I thrive on collaboration. That’s why majority of my publications are with colleagues from different disciplinary backgrounds. I am always happy to email a copy of anything I’ve published.

Leal Filho, W. and Nalau, J. (2018) (Eds). The very first book on Limits to Climate Change Adaptation has just been published by Springer that I co-edited. The main idea behind the book is to contribute to the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report on the concept of adaptation limits through case studies around the world.

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