My past and current research draws inspiration from a wide variety of topics with a solid focus on climate adaptation. I focus my publications on issues that provide new insights into climate adaptation, what role adaptation science plays in decision-making, and the mindsets that enable us to make better and bolder decisions.

I strongly believe that two brains are better than one. I have first hand experience how debate accelerates ideas and I thrive on collaboration. That’s why majority of my publications are with colleagues from different disciplinary backgrounds. I am always happy to email a copy of anything I’ve published. Here are also some of my presentation slides from recent events, and I always love feedback so please do get in touch if something resonated with you.


“Leadership in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation”: I cover key concepts in leadership and decision-making that can assist you in start thinking about your own leadership capabilities. Access slides here Nalau_AdaptationLeadership.


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Leal Filho, W. and Nalau, J. (2018) (Eds). The very first book on Limits to Climate Change Adaptation has just been published by Springer that I co-edited. The book contributes to the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report on the concept of adaptation limits with case studies around the world.

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