What does it take to make good decisions under uncertainty?

Why do some ideas persist whereas others disappear?

What common principles are in use how to adapt successfully to climate change?

These are a fraction of the questions that I ponder on daily basis in my work as an adaptation scientist. Based at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Australia, I research the ins and outs of climate change adaptation and try to develop new insights on what successful adaptation looks like.

Significant focus of my work is outlining key adaptation principles, investigating how these have emerged and determining whether they are robust guides to help individuals and organisations to make better decisions.

But I am not just an academic. I search for new knowledge on daily basis for my personal growth as well. I am inherently fascinated by the role that insight and intuition play in decision-making and leadership in a world that is increasingly complex and changing. And I read a lot…

I am a huge leadership fanatic as I firmly believe that good leadership enables better lives and better decisions across organisations and scientific fields. You’ll find me blogging here once a week where I review latest books, literature, news and ideas on leadership, adaptation and decision-making.