Most people spend a lot of money to figure out “who they are”. True branding gurus say it’s pretty simple: just list down 3 things you cannot stop doing. That is your personal brand.

So, bear with me. These are my top three:

  • Incubator. I can’t stop coming up with ideas for new research projects and directions. Some of them might be wacky but I take pride in writing down my ideas (and they are often many) and wishing I had staff and money to do them all.
  • Connector. I can’t stop connecting people and ideas. Whenever I meet someone, my brain goes into ‘connector mode’ and starts immediately mapping who they should be talking to, which ideas and methods should be connected, and which ideas fit with what projects and people. I reach out to people because I believe that connectedness is far more important than admiring and thinking from afar.
  • Reflector. This is probably a made-up word but I feel one of my greatest contributions is my ability to reflect on ideas and connections, and persist in idea development over time. That’s why some of my best work takes longer but pays off in the end.

I have a keen interest in leadership and management research as I believe that many of the challenges we face today as a society require good solid leadership and people who lead with integrity, not with egos. Apparently good guys (and gals!) finish last and first according to research. Some of my favourite leadership forums are Coaching for Leaders community and podcast hosted by Dave Stachowiak, and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Coaching for Leaders Academy 2017-2018.

I’m a keen follower in particular of Gary Klein. Klein’s work in on the role of insights and intuition in decision-making points to an increasingly important realization of how we accumulate knowledge and expertise, and how such patterns are used in decision-making both by practitioners and scientists.