Finding your voice

This week has marked the International Women’s Day and it seems timely again to reflect on some of the issues that are coming up in media. This year I was invited to join our university table at the Gold Coast Women of the Year Awards with some of our most influential women from Griffith University.… Continue reading Finding your voice

How to know when you have ‘arrived’

This week I’ve been inspired by several different ideas. Listening to the latest episode of Learning Leader (#299 with Kyle Maynard) one of the things struck me is the question when we have ‘arrived’. 'Arrived' in this context means about reaching a point or end goal, and recognising that moment as significant. I have also… Continue reading How to know when you have ‘arrived’

How to organise more meaningful gatherings

In the past week I have listened to a number of podcasts and one of them in particular has stuck with me, The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker who appeared in Coaching for Leaders (episode 395). (and yes, of course I’ve already ordered the book). In this episode, Dave and Priya discuss her new… Continue reading How to organise more meaningful gatherings