New: My interview on Coaching for Leaders podcast is live now; it was an amazing honour to be interviewed. To listen to the episode and to find out more about my leadership journey, click here. And as always, would love any feedback!

Australia Adapts: In late 2016, I was trying to find a podcast that was about climate adaptation and I came across America Adapts, which is currently the number one podcast for climate adaptation. I am a big time podcast listener so I contacted the host, Doug Parsons, to see whether he was making episodes about adaptation in Australia… turns out he wasn’t, but now I am.

From early 2017, I have been learning the art of podcasting with Australia Adapts in collaboration with Doug, and in 2019 this will be more “my thing”. I’m on the lookout for great examples and people who are passionate about climate adaptation in Australia and the Pacific so please do get in touch with who you’d like to hear from on this podcast.

Australia Adapts

with Donovan Burton

Climate Change Impacts on Tourism in Australia

with Susanne Becken

Teens Adapt to Climate Change + Australia Adapts!

with Jean Palutikof